About us

eDNA Explorer is a powerful tool that brings together eDNA projects from around the world. It allows beginners and experts alike to explore data using a common format, get their raw project data analyzed, and compare eDNA data with data gathered from traditional biomonitoring methods.

By helping researchers share methods and results, eDNA Explorer aims to remove the barriers to designing protocols and analyzing data. We hope that this tool will increase the trust and confidence in eDNA as a tool to better our understanding of the living world.

We started eDNA Explorer with the generous support of Oceankind. Stay tuned as we evolve this platform to realize the potential of eDNA.

Meet the team

  • Rachel Meyer

    Rachel Meyer


  • Julie Stanford

    Julie Stanford


  • Jim Jeffers

    Jim Jeffers

    Head of Engineering

  • Hector Baez

    Hector Baez

    Software Developer

  • Jennifer Kim

    Jennifer Kim

    UX Researcher & Design

  • Zack Lyon

    Zack Lyon

    Software Developer

  • Jenny Mailhot

    Jenny Mailhot

    UX Researcher & Design

  • Rasmus Nielsen

    Rasmus Nielsen

    Tronko Developer

  • Max Ogden

    Max Ogden

    Software Developer

  • Lenore Pipes

    Lenore Pipes

    Tronko Developer

  • Beth Shapiro

    Beth Shapiro

    Scientific Advisor

  • Ariel Levi Simons

    Ariel Levi Simons

    Data Scientist

  • Brad Turner

    Brad Turner

    Business Development

  • Audrey Yang

    Audrey Yang

    UX Researcher & Design

  • Connect with us

    Stay connected with the community and get the latest news on eDNA through our Slack community!

Our partners

  • Oceankind
    Oceankind provided the grant that funded this project and has been instrumental to our success through their advice and support.
    CALeDNA is eDNA Explorer's parent organization and the University of California home for this project.
  • Sliced Bread Design
    Sliced Bread Design is the UX research and design agency behind the inviting, user-friendly design of eDNA Explorer.
  • Jetstream 2
    Jetstream 2 provides the cutting-edge high-performance computing that powers eDNA Explorer's organism assignment engine.
  • Need help?

    Check out our resources page for tips, recommendations, and tools to help you on your eDNA journey or check out our FAQ for any questions you may have. Feel free to also send us an email at hello@ednaexplorer.org.